Leaf is taking social responsibility by supporting the charity organization “Time to Share”. Time to Share was founded by a passionate and caring water engineer to provide clean water to rural villages in northern Thailand. The project later extended to providing these villages with necessary medical supplies as well as kitchen appliances, books, and other necessary goods. The main goal is to give our helping hands to those around us to achieve better ways of lives. Like the Thai saying, “Kon-La-Mai-Kon-La-Mue,” which translates to “all giving a helping hand,” all of the volunteers at Time To Share believe in giving and sharing. Time to Share believes that even the smallest act of kindness will go a long way if everyone act together as one. “We believe that together, we can create a better future, it’s now Time To Share.”

“Since I was working with the Thai government and the United Nations (UN), I’ve been to many underdeveloped rural areas with people living without access to clean water. I have realised that more has to be done to help these people that are living without even the basic minimum, which is clean water. This was when I had the motivation to start Time to Share. I designed a water filtration system that only relies on gravity, which is suitable for rural mountainous areas.” Since Time to Share was formed, we have now installed this – Chonlatorn Panchareon, Time to Share Founder.

Like Time to Share, LEAF believes in creating a better future, whether it is through protecting the environment or developing local communities. LEAF products are not only sustainable and trendy, but every purchase will ensure a better quality of life in many rural communities across Thailand. We donate one bamboo toothbrush per minimum purchase of 500 THB and are looking for further collaboration with Time to Share to reduce waste in these local communities by providing them with our biodegradable products such as toothbrushes and straws.