Going green is a huge trend in today´s society, but companies are still missing the motivation to go green because right now it means higher costs without having the chance to effectively show their efforts in going green. With the leaf certification system, we give businesses the chance to communicate their green efforts to the public without having to invest in additional promotions. 

We create a win-win situation for the companies, the end consumer and the environment:


  • Companies can easily hop on the green trend and stay competitive.
  • Consumers can easily recognize shops, restaurants, hotels or other businesses that are going green
  • The environment benefits from eco-friendly leaf products that decrease plastic waste


How it works

  • recognize shops that are starting to go green with the leaf eco-starter sticker 
  • find out more about our various partners with our shop finder (link)
  • recognize the level of sustainability of a shop or other business with the help of our leaf stickers and certificates. There are three levels of sustainability:
  1. Eco-Starter: The business is at a starting point of going on the sustainable path by reducing the use of non-biodegradable products.
  2. Eco-Developer: The business has strong motivations in being more sustainable by using and distributing leaf products and integrating a few own initiatives in its daily operations.
  3. Eco-Warrior: The business is using and distributing leaf’s ecologically friendly products and also practices sustainable lifestyle through various own initiatives to be more environmentally friendly.