Neua Panchareon


Our world traveler, Neua, had lived in many countries around the world. For the leaf-mission, the Aussie-Thai is ready to settle in Thailand, hoping to show the Thai community ways to reduce our ecological footprint. Moreover, Neua is a partner of the local mountain bike tour company, X-Biking, and the founder of the outdoor complex, WILDSIDE, both located in Chiang Mai. The passionate mountain biker manages our social media platforms and is happy to assist you in case of any doubt.

Mona Wiederer


Behind the scenes, the leaf is managed by our German organizer. Mona´s business skills equip leaf with all management instrument and business tools and her creative ideas provide innovative product solutions. For leaf, she decides to leave her life in Germany behind as she is determined to fight against plastic use with the aim to rise environmental awareness in society. Systematic approaches meet Thai laid-back philosophy and result in a multicultural creative work-space.

Jonathan Avram

Business Advisor

Our Bangkok team member, Jo has lived in Chiang Mai and moved to Israel for a few years before settling in Bangkok. He’s bringing his connections and experiences in the Thai business world to the leaf team. Apart from leaf, Jo is working in his family business within the jewelry trade industry.

Ben Pengtina

Sales Manager

Our young and energetic team member! Ben is a Chiang Mai local and brings a lot of Lanna charm to our team. Recently graduated from Mae Jo University, she wants to make a difference in her community and change her lifestyle to be a more sustainable and environmentally friendly one.