The  leaf  Mission

Leaf promotes a sustainable lifestyle by providing alternative solutions for plastic-use and shedding light on convenient ways to respect the nature in our daily-lives.

Leaf offers environmentally friendly travel and living solutions to promote a sustainable lifestyle. With leaf, respecting our environment is easy, fair-priced and trendy at the same time. Our mission is to create a sustainable brand that increases the environmental awareness in our society. Leaf gives people the opportunity to take responsibility by contributing to the well-being of society and nature. We belief in a change to a responsible and self-conscious lifestyle without giving up convenience. Instead, our products increase the quality of life for an affordable price. Step by step, we will make the difference for a greener future.

The  leaf  Vision

Our vision is to build and grow a community with eco-friendly businesses and individuals to make together a difference for Thailand´s environment.


We plan to establish leaf as a certified indicator for green initiatives, so that other businesses get the chance to promote their green efforts to the end-consumer by joining the leaf community. Our long-term vision is to call the attention of institutions, like universities, schools, and kinder gardens for environmental education. In the long run, we plan to offer informative seminars about ways how to protect nature and how to act responsibly for our planet. Overall, we plan to grow leaf with nation-wide operations and various innovative product lines. We are constantly improving our product line as well as extending our product portfolio with creative solutions that help to protect our environment.

The Leaf Values

The company´s values represent our beliefs.

They give us a guideline on how to achieve our company vision and are representatives for our company culture.



Sustainability represents the core value of our leaf. Our target is to minimize the environmental harm for all our operations. Transmitting our vision to our operational network increases the environmental awareness among our business partners, customers, and employees.


We believe that everyone should take responsibility for their actions. If someone uses plastic packaging, this person should be responsible for its disposal. We should ask ourselves more often about the consequences of our actions. Did you know that every plastic straw you use could kill a turtle? It is sad but reality. It is time to start taking better care of our planet and leaf helps you taking the first steps.

transparency value


The basement for a healthy relationship is honesty. Honesty builds trust and trust creates loyalty. In today´s society, many people forget about this simple but essential derivation. Leaf values a relationship with our customers, employees, and business partners that is based on honesty and respect. We believe that personal bonding still values more than money.